Admiration of Fallen Light

The city god of Champoor, recently restored to power


Admiration of Fallen Light is a six-winged human-like being of indeterminate gender. He dresses in light, simple clothes recalling the century he spent as a gardener, but he once again bears the crown and swords that are his panoply as city father of Champoor.


Admiration of Fallen Light was assigned the duty of city father of Champoor in the wake of the Great Contagion. Champoor had fared better than some places, though it was still a ruined village at the time. In the following centuries, his wisdom and compassion grew Champoor into a great trade city. His successes made enemies in Heaven, however, and he eventually found himself accused of treason and corruption, his city condemned to destruction.

Admiration was friends with a Celestial Censor named Tenepeshu, who believed that the charges were fraudulent. Advised by a Sidereal ally, the two of them hit upon a plan to hide Admiration from judgment, remove the city from Heaven’s sight, and save Champoor from its fated doom. Admiration spent a century stripped of his powers and rank, serving as a gardener in the ruins of his public temple while Tenepeshu ruled the city in his stead.

Recently, a group of Exalted stripped the Veil of Night from Champoor and restored Admiration to his former glory. It remains to be seen what repercussions come from this act.

Admiration of Fallen Light

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