Amita Gowrie

Former first mate of the Lintha ship Blue Embrace


Amita Gowrie is a Dreamer woman with dyed red hair and extensive scarring on her neck and back, relics of her early resistance to Lintha rule.


Amita Gowrie was a fisherman’s daughter who looked forward to one day inheriting her father’s boat and taking up his life for her own. When she was sixteen, she began having nightmares about drowning. When she mentioned them to her father, he revealed that his mother—Amita’s grandmother—had been a member of a cult worshiping the Yozi known as Kimbery, the Sea That Marched Against the Flame. The nightmares were Amita’s Lintha heritage making itself manifest.

Soon after that, the Lintha came for her, dragging her off to their sunken island base to initiate her into their grotesque cult. She was forced to drink maiden tea to render her sterile, repeatedly beaten and whipped, and finally sworn to the Yozis. For the better part of a decade, Amita has been a (mostly) willing disciple of Kimbery, but her true loyalty is to herself.

After the slaughter aboard the Blue Embrace, Amita has thrown her lot in with Righteous Phoenix and her companions rather than face Lintha “justice.”

Amita Gowrie

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