Benevolent Azure Duma

Zenith Caste Solar mate of Athi the Silent Talon


Duma only recently exalted, and has been getting his feet under him since. Thus far he has found his Lunar mate, Athi, who has kept him from hurting himself in his attempts to learn the limits of his powers.

Generally a very placid and gentle person, Duma’s primary interest in his powers is to use them to help others. Thus far he seems unaware of exactly how powerful he is and how powerful he could become. His preference is for a quieter life, and for advocating spiritual, mental, and physical fulfillment. This occasionally means indulging in drugs, alcohol, and sex with multiple partners.

He’s a little perplexed by the following he’s gained more or less by accident, but tries to use his platform to encourage kindness, joy, and peace. He seems genuinely kind, if somewhat naive, and absolutely a dreamer.


Duma was always a dreamer, artistic, spiritually-minded, and had his head in the clouds. He could always be counted on to be a good friend, if a somewhat distractible and forgetful one. He tended also to be somewhat lazy, preferring socializing, eating, drinking, and playing games to physical labor.

He exalted when a particularly harsh woman gained leadership of the area, and began a campaign to root out all but the Immaculate Faith. When messengers came, most in his village wrote them off and continued life as usual. When priests came and threatened, they grew concerned. When they attempted to burn several citizens as heretics, Duma acted. Knowing he didn’t stand a chance, he leaped into the bonfire to cut their bonds.

He managed to hold himself back from wholesale slaughter when he exalted, though that only meant the Wild Hunt would be after him all the quicker when the priests reported back. Not wanting to endanger his friends or family, he fled. He followed a pull he didn’t understand, and eventually found his Lunar mate Athi, who views him as a bit hopeless, but very sweet.

Benevolent Azure Duma

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