Hwalyeohan bich-ui Huimang

Blonde warrior with a big sword


Hwalyeohan was enslaved from one of the numerous small fiefdoms in the Dreaming Sea region where he was a peasant farmer. While serving aboard ship, he led a revolt of the unarmed slaves against their well-armed captors. After slaying the oppressive captain with his bare hands, Hwalyeohan floated into the air and screamed as the brand of the dawn caste burst into flame on his forehead. After his Exaltation passed, he bent down and retrieved the sword and amulet the ship captain bore.

Since Exalting, he has been drifting from place to place seeking to end oppression wherever he finds it. He is not particularly subtle about his Exaltation, but he has learned not to just walk around screaming it from the rooftops. He has occasionally been rebuffed by the forces of oppression, but on the whole has been successful in his quest to facilitate a more egalitarian world.

Hwalyeohan bich-ui Huimang

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