Inquisitor Soot

A mortician-exorcist from Sijan, and an Exigent of Hran-Tzu


Soot is a young man with shaggy black hair and dark, haunted eyes. He wears the blue-black robes of a Sijani mortician and carries a ringed staff to show his rank as an inquisitor. When he uses his Exigent powers, his eyes turn solid black and he is surrounded by an aura of black feathers and the distant cries of ravens.


Soot was once a young mortician-diplomat assigned to the Scavenger Lands to coordinate funerals and exorcisms with his home city of Sijan. After an encounter with the Anathema, he became interested in their true nature, eventually leading him to become a sort of detective. Soot’s quick and inquisitive mind gained the attention of the morticians’ hierarchy, eventually leading to his promotion to the position of exorcist-at-large. As an inquisitor, Soot has been charged with seeking out those who would harm the dead for their own gain—as well as the dead who would harm the living.

At some point, Soot was Chosen by Hran-Tzu, the god of decay. The exact circumstances of his Exaltation are as yet unknown.

Inquisitor Soot

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