Magistrate Li Shu

The paper tiger magistrate of Gongfang


Li Shu is a middle-aged man with the neatly trimmed mustache and goatee of a lifelong civil servant. His olive skin and brown hair mark him as being of Dreamer descent rather than a pureblood mainland Prasadi. He dresses in a style that is impressive without being gaudy.


The appointed magistrate of Gongfang, Li Shu was demoted here by his imperial masters in Prasad and is desperate to gain enough influence to return to the heart of the empire. He is well known in the town as a “paper tiger,” a man of great fierceness but little real strength, though he is devout in his duties. His recent turn toward heavy taxation and alliance with dubious mountain mystics has left the people of Gongfang increasingly sour toward their appointed steward.

Magistrate Li Shu

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