Elder Lunar intent on erasing humanity in favor of beastmen


Changing Moon Caste Lunar

Though a member of the Changing Moons, Ma-Ha-Suchi is as terrible a combatant as anyone would ever fear to face. He rarely leaves his war-form, that of a mighty hybrid wolf-man crowned with horns, and he is known to be able to rip a man in half with virtually no effort.


Ma-Ha-Suchi was a celebrity in the First Age. Handsome, eloquent and charming, he claimed to have no higher ambition than sleeping his way through all 700 celestial Exaltations, which he interspersed with dalliances with Dragon-Blooded, spirits, gods, mortals, and fae. All that ended with the Usurpation. Ma-Ha-Suchi was able to rescue a few young Lunars, including Raksi, and fled to the edges of Creation, where the magic of the Sidereals could not discover them.

A couple of millennia of hardship later, Ma-Ha-Suchi has become something just short of a chimera, a hideous goat-wolf hybrid who never leaves his deadly beastman form. He is both father and king of a nation of beastmen, dedicated to razing the civilized world to the ground and subjecting it to his own vision for the future.


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