Moonsilver Prince of the Consuming Forest

Full Moon Caste Stag totem Lunar


Moonsilver Prince of the Consuming Forest is tall, with sandy hair and sculpted features. He is not overly muscular but has a powerful build with wide shoulders and narrow hips, and displays a great deal of grace in his movements. His placid appearance is deceptive; as a Full Moon Lunar, he is a formidable warrior.

His totem is an enormous black stag with a wide rack of antlers that come to many sharp points. His eyes glimmer with a red cast, and his hooves come to sharp points.


Moonsilver Prince is a somewhat reclusive Lunar Exalted who keeps primarily to his city, Midori no Kodoku. He is protector and ruler over the small community of humans and some young lunars.

His personality tends to be calmer and more precise than one might expect of a Full Moon Caste, but if he is pushed into violence he is extremely brutal and can be given to bouts of cruelty if sufficiently angered.

He tends to prefer to stay in his own territory, and even there he is a somewhat solitary figure, getting involved in direct rulership only if his proxies require direction. His solitary nature makes his marriage to Verdigris work rather well for him, along with occasional encounters with others in his city.

Moonsilver Prince of the Consuming Forest

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