Venerable Elder Nirav

A middle-aged priest in the town of Gongfang


Venerable Elder Nirav is a middle-aged man with a shaved head and a patchy beard. His saffron robes are threadbare and often-patched, showing how little interest the townsfolk of Gongfang put into the pursuit of the Pure Way. He can usually be found outside his small Five-Dragon Shrine, tending to the needs of his few faithful or performing maintenance on the colorful, aging building.


Though only in his early thirties, Nirav Syed has the distinction of being a “Venerable Elder” in the town of Gongfang by virtue of being the only fully-initiated shrine priest in the town. There are several monks who make Gongfang their home, as well as more who pass through on a semi-regular basis, but Nirav is the only individual who maintains a five-dragon shrine in the area.

Those who know Nirav have heard him mention something about a lost daughter, but he rarely speaks of it.

Venerable Elder Nirav

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