Ophir Yanath

The satrap of Champoor, an ambitious and ruthless politician


Ophir Yanath is a Prasadi man apparently in his late twenties, though he is easily twice that age. His seeming youth is due to being Dragon-Blooded, blessed with the Aspect of Fire. Yanath’s dark skin and ink-black hair are set off by his startlingly green eyes. He typically dresses in the layered silks of a man of high station, though his clothing is less ostentatious than many of his rank.


Ophir Yanath has served as satrap of Champoor for twenty-three years, since the untimely death of his father, the previous satrap. Some whisper that Yanath had his father assassinated so as to take the throne more quickly, but this certainly did not stop Yanath from having a supposed assassin publicly executed. Some also question why Yanath would want the throne of Champoor, since his position is largely ceremonial. Everyone knows that Tenepeshu Uktene, the water dragon mistress of the Court of Shadows, truly rules Champoor, and that Yanath serves as satrap only at her sufferance.

Ophir Yanath

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