Pasha Riva Jahleh

A living goddess of the city of Yizheng


The Lady Riva is a brown-skinned woman apparently in her late teens. She rarely appears in public without the full regalia of her rank, befitting a living goddess of the Dragon Caste, but in private she dresses more conservatively. She is rarely without a jeweled diadem, though the jewel set in her brow changes from time to time.


Pasha Riva Jahleh is the heir to Gens Pasha, one of the ruling families of Yizheng Province. Her parents died in a terrible fire almost a decade ago, before she or her brother Qadir had Exalted. Since no one from their family was qualified to hold the governorship of the province, the Twin Regents demoted their family and elevated Gens Damodar through a distant cousin, Damodar Jiang.

A few years ago, Riva received the blessing of the Dragons, but her twin did not. This has led to a rift between them. Qadir’s jealousy and sense of pride drove him to steal the family ledgers and run away to join the Lotus Dragons pirate gang. Without the ledgers, Lady Riva does not have the leverage necessary to stand against Governor Jiang, leading her to trust her family’s fortunes in the hands of outcasts and anathema.

Pasha Riva Jahleh

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