Qadir en'Pasha

The twin brother of Pasha Riva Jahleh, recently a member of the Lotus Dragons


Qadir is a dark-skinned youth with short but rakish black hair. His resemblance to his twin sister Riva is obvious to onlookers, though he looks several years older than her due to him being mortal and her being one of the Dragon-Blooded. He tends to dress in the white kaftan of a patrician when attending his courtly duties, or in the rough-spun clothes of the lower class when mingling among them.


Qadir of Gens Pasha is the older brother of Pasha Riva Jahleh, by about a minute. They shared a womb and were best friends as children, but Riva’s Exaltation drove a wedge between them. For the last several years, Qadir has distanced himself from his sister, finally going so far as to betray her and their house by stealing the family’s ledgers and running off to join the Lotus Dragon pirate gang.

The Lotus Dragons’ plans for him apparently included turning him into “the champion of the Blue Mother,” which our heroes have speculated to be a form of Infernal Exaltation. The ritual was disrupted, however, though it remains to be seen what lingering side effects Qadir will suffer from the attempt.

Qadir en'Pasha

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