Rakan Thulio

A rogue agent of Heaven, now dedicated to its destruction


Rakan Thulio is a tall, thin man with a gaze that speaks of agelessness even as his face seems young. His long, dark hair hangs to his shoulders with the careless disarray of one who care nothing for appearances. He wears the hooded cowl and simple tunic of a mendicant monk or musician. The only sign of his true power is in his utter poise, the perfect economy of motion that comes from being a master of the martial arts.


Little is known for certain about Rakan Thulio. He was an assassin in service of the Bureau of Endings during the First Age, eventually retiring to a minor administrative position. Though he supported the Prophecy of Bronze, he apparently came to regret his choice and openly spurned the Bronze Faction—without joining the Gold. He has supposedly been dead for two centuries, though he is clearly alive and kicking.

He plans to burn Heaven to the foundations and kill the gods themselves. He is mad.

Rakan Thulio

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