Red Sky at Morning

The powerful Lintha leader of the Lotus Dragon pirates


Red Sky at Morning is a tall, lithe woman whose athletic body belies the sheers power in her frame. Her eyes are large and dark, almost solid-black, and she has the unmistakable marks of Lintha heritage in the form of slightly webbed fingers and toes, gill slits along her ribs, and slight patches of scales on her back and neck.


Red Sky at Morning is a pureblooded Lintha, a powerful member of a non-human race nearly wiped out by the Exalted in ancient times. Her almost-human appearance is the result of generations of interbreeding with humans, resulting in even “pureblooded” Lintha being far less than their mighty ancestors.

Red Sky is the leader and queen of the Lotus Dragon pirates, a group of cutthroats and smugglers who operate throughout the Dreaming Sea. Their foothold in Yizheng was recently removed by the intervention of a group of Exalted. Red Sky escaped, though she lost control of Qadir en’Pasha, a local patrician who she had intended to uplift as the Chosen of Kimbery.

Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Red Sky at Morning

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