A Lunar cursed with cuteness


In his natural form, a short, pudgy, dark-skinned young man, with short brown and black hair and dark rings around his eyes. Favors open vests without shirts and loose pants, and usually wears a pair of moonsilver bracers.


Rigibi was born into a life of luxury – other people’s luxury, to be precise. Though an orphan brought into the household of a merchant to be a servant, he has always had an easy way with people, and a knack for getting laughs. Thus he somehow managed to live a lifestyle of leisure and excess wherever he went despite having very little to his own name, by being the funny man in the entourages of the idly wealthy.

For nearly two decades it was little more than a game, bringing him very little real attachment to or connection with anyone, until he entered the household of a young Dragonblooded noble of around his own age. As opposed to the circles he was used to being part of, where he was welcomed for being the life of the party but never really seen as an equal, the noble girl treated him not as her clown but as her friend.

As he spent time in her household, Rigs became astutely aware, after doing some digging, that she didn’t have many of those; as the new scion of a house that hadn’t produced Exalts in generations, her standing was hardly secure, and there were other houses looking to absorb hers that viewed her as a nuisance at best and an obstacle to be removed at worst. Where he previously would have taken that as a sign to move along, he had become especially attached to his first real friend, and did whatever he could to help her, becoming her right-hand companion and secretly working social threads behind the scenes to increase her standing and secure her position.

That came crashing down one day when they were invited to a supposedly-friendly house’s estate, for an assassination attempt disguised as a meeting. Right as dinner was about to begin, Rigs detected something suspicious, and discovered the food being poisoned. Realizing that they had actually walked into a trap, he used his social skills and quick-thinking to set in motion a distraction and a series of events(including but not limited to a musical number) that enabled him to spirit himself and his friend not only out of the estate, but out of the entire city. As the two rode away in the back of a wagon, exhausted from the ordeal, he had a vision of the moon praising him for his cleverness, and when he awoke there was a magical brand embedded in his forehead.

Once they were safely back in their hometown, Rigs decided it was best if he laid low for a while. His friend would be safe on her own estate, in her own city – hired assassins were unheard of in their region, and they certainly wouldn’t be sent for someone of so minor a house – but Rigibi’s operating methods frequently sent him to less-than-reputable places, which meant he might bring danger home. On top of that, now that he had become a Lunar Exalted, he needed to understand what he was, in a way that would be less likely to endanger his friend and her house.

So he began island-hopping across the Dreaming Sea, running into the misfit, all-Exalted pirate crew of the Faraway Tides only a few months after setting out. Drawn to their strange composition, happy-go-lucky nature, and the magnetism of their captain, a Lunar named Pearltooth, Rigs joined up to learn more about his Exalted peers, his own powers, and to generally have a good time. He was a perfect fit for the crew, serving both as their infiltration specialist and as a comedy duo with the morale officer, Troubadour, and quickly came to see the ship as his second home, though he returned to his home island often to see his Dragonblooded friend.

Three years into his travels with the Faraway Tides, while on an adventure nearer to the Scavenger Lands, Rigs encountered the Abyssal He Who Leads the Souls of Heroes into Oblivion, who he immediately recognized as his long-lost Solar mate. No longer a servant of the Mask of Winters, Leads was free to follow his own path, hopefully no longer one that forced him to do the Neverborn’s bidding. So armed with what knowledge he had learned from Troubadour regarding Abyssals, Rigibi took a temporary leave of absence from the Faraway Tides to help his buddy become his old self again. Though Rigs didn’t remember much from his previous lives, he knew that his Solar had always been the responsible one, looking out for the both of them. It was time he returned the favor.

Also: the fierce, widely known and respected captain of the Tanuki Pirates (which totally exist).

Also also: Bad at taking compliments.


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