Tenepeshu Uktene

The ruler of Champoor and mistress of the Court of Shadows


Tenepeshu Uktene is a mighty water dragon, a Terrestrial goddess and elemental who holds no official position in the Terrestrial Bureaucracy. Her incarnation appears variously as a huge blue dragon made of flowing water and foam or as a blue-haired woman of Prasadi descent with eyes of black jade.


The great water dragon Tenepeshu serves as the queen of the Court of Secrets: those gods who deal in secrets, mysteries, and enigmas. Long ago she blanketed the city of Champoor under the Veil of Night to conceal the activity of the court from the eyes of Heaven. Under her leadership the Court of Secrets has become quite corrupt, meddling in mortal affairs more and more regularly, to the point of Tenepeshu being accepted as the true ruler of the city, even above the Dragon-Blooded satrap who holds the blessing of the Twin Regents.

As one would expect, Tenepeshu’s motives are scarcely known. While once accepted as a Celestial Censor she has, in relatively recent history, turned her back on the Celestial Bureaucracy believing it no less corrupt than many spirits courts in Creation have become. Tenepeshu has no fear of the Chosen but does respect them and give them their due. So long as they stay out of her affairs, that is.

Tenepeshu Uktene

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