The Golden Lord

Lost Alchemical acting as the leader of a rebel cult


Tall and powerfully built, the Golden Lord’s face is symmetrical and handsome, save for its unnatural smoothness. His eyes are black pits with points of golden light floating in them, and his blonde hair looks more like spun wire than natural hair. From the neck down, the Golden Lord’s body is clearly inorganic, comprised primarily of overlapping plates of black jade and orichalcum. He wears only a pair of leather trousers for modesty, otherwise going bare-chested and barefoot.


Hazar was once a man who gave his life to save others. He remembers very little of that life, save that he died a martyr and gave his life willingly for his fellow man. When he awoke in a new body—a powerful synthetic body of clay, jade, and orichalcum—he was shocked and confused. He had only a vague memory of a voice telling him that he had been chosen to lead and uplift his fellows, then he came to himself in a ruined temple.

The first person he met was a hunchbacked charcoal-burner who helped educate him about the local language and customs. Hearing of the suffering of the local people, Hazar began to rally outcasts and misfits to his side, building an army of liberation that intends to cast down the autocrats and lords of the land, eventually building a just society of equals.

In the meantime, Hazar teaches his followers lessons about willpower, discipline, and dedication by breaking them down as individuals and rebuilding them as parts of a whole. The process isn’t easy, pretty, or painless.

The Golden Lord

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