The Shoat of the Mire

A child-soldier of the Abyssal Exalted


Yami is a thin, pale girl of about ten or eleven years old. She was wearing little more than a ragged white shift when she was found by a band of Exalted, who saved her from the cult of Dark Joy, a bloody hand. When she enters battle, she draws forth a soulsteel dagger from Elsewhere, rending about her in joyless slaughter.


The Shoat of the Mire is the single Abyssal in the service of the Deathlord called the Dowager of the Irreverent Vulgate in Unrent Veils. A girl of no more than ten, the Shoat’s mortal family was brutally slain in front of her by the Dowager, who then forced her and many other children to fight to the death for the right to become her champion. The Shoat has committed more atrocities before puberty than most people would ever commit in their whole lives.

Through it all, the Shoat has remained stoic and implacable. She lets no one see the doubts she harbors in her heart—certainly not her master. Given the chance for freedom, she would take it gladly, though she remains a broken, wounded thing. As the date of her death approaches—for the Dowager keep a servant no more than a year—she is becoming ever more desperate to find the key to true freedom,

The Shoat of the Mire

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