The Thrice-Drowned Emperor in Chains

A Deathlord of the Dreaming Sea


The Thrice-Drowned Emperor in Chains is a night-black figure of nightmarish mien, with too many arms and legs, all wrapped in a tattered funeral shroud and tarnished iron chains. He bears a battle standard from which is hung the remnants of his once-noble armor.


The Thrice-Drowned Emperor in Chains was once a noble Solar admiral leading his fleet across the waters of the Dreaming Sea. One part military commander and one part explorer, he was beloved by his crew—largely thanks to the mind-bending charms of the Eclipse Caste. When the Usurpation came, the traitors in his ranks lashed him to the wheel of his own flagship and sank it from afar, denying him a noble end in battle and sending him to the bottom of the sea in ignominy.

He arose again in the black waters of the Underworld, sailing the Tempest and emerging into Creation from time to time in order to replenish his crew of ghosts. The Emperor is an ambitious Deathlord, seeking to expand his grasp across the Dreaming Sea. He sees his opportunity for greater prominence now that the Mask of Winters has apparently been destroyed, with his first gambit being to recruit the renegade deathknights who once served that Deathlord to his own cause.

The Emperor spends most of his time roaming the dead seas of the Underworld aboard the ghostly remains of his flagship, the Durance Frenzy.

The Thrice-Drowned Emperor in Chains

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