Troubadour of Victory and Woe

A morbidly cheerful spooky skeleton man, and the morale officer aboard the Faraway Tides


A nearly seven-foot-tall skeleton with a magnificent mane of curly black hair, who always wears the finest in gentlemanly attire, complete with immaculately-polished shoes and a bejeweled cravat.


A founding member of the Faraway Tides’s crew, and one of Rigibi’s three best buddies.

Troubadour’s first crew were mortal adventurers who, though not of Exalted standing, made a lucrative living exploring old ruins and salvaging ancient treasures. Even then, as their first mate, he had a morbid sense of humor, but never failed to keep the crew’s spirits up. Until one expedition to a remote island where they encountered a trap laid by some Celestial Exalt for a long-forgotten enemy thousands of years ago. Half of the team was killed instantly, and the other half was inflicted with a wasting sickness that had not been seen in a thousand years. As crew members started dying, the remaining command staff – minus the captain, who had succumbed to the initial curse of the trap – was left with a difficult decision: risk the more than two week voyage back to civilization, and hope that there was a doctor somewhere that could cure them, while somehow managing to avoid creating an epidemic of a forgotten disease, or set out for some distant, unknown shore for one last adventure? The vote was unanimous. As the rest of the crew gradually perished, the first mate restlessly entertained them, recalling stories about their grandest escapades and making them laugh with gallows humor to give his comrades a suitable farewell. And even as his own body became gaunt and drained, he performed the funeral rites for each and every one of his fallen buddies, until he alone remained, somehow still clinging to life amid a ship of the dead. Though he had convinced himself he had lived a good life and was resigned to his fate, at the moment of his death some part of his soul bitterly cursed at his end, and something out there finally answered. “For your service to the dead,” spoke a voice he had never heard, “you will be reborn.”

In his second life, though his appearance is significantly different, Troubadour remains the good-natured musician he was before. This made him ill-suited to service under most Deathlords, especially the one who possessed his monstrance, the Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Waters. After mounting a daring escape from the Bodhisattva’s navy along with a couple of like-minded allies, he wandered the seas of the West for a while, searching for purpose while distancing himself from his old master. He has since joined the ragtag crew of the Faraway Tides as their morale officer, and though he uses his music to entertain, he is just as adept at using it to instill fear and despair in his enemies. As a fellow performer, roamer, and goof-off, he and Rigibi immediately made friends; he was also the one who gave Rigs his primer on Abyssals shortly after the Lunar found his mate.

Troubadour of Victory and Woe

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