Want of a Nail

A former gladiator with an unknown destiny


Want of a Nail is a tall, powerfully built man with a shaved head, wearing the trappings of a pit fighter. He would seem exactly the sort of person to stand out in a crowd, but his newfound status leaves him strangely nondescript to onlookers.


Want of a Nail was once a pit fighter in the Empire of Prasad, a low-caste person who entertained others with fists and blood. In the middle of his most difficult fight, a strange grace descended on him, allowing him to win almost effortlessly and claim the championship. When he returned for his winnings the next day, no one knew him. His name was stricken from the registry, none of his former friends claimed to remember him, and no two stories about the previous day’s fight were the same.

Nail has come to realize that he is no longer entirely human, but as a devout Immaculate he strongly believes himself to be some strange sort of Dragon-Blood or Exigent. His new name came to him in a dream, along with the phrase, “For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost.” Nail was given his goremaul—which feels strangely familiar in his hands—by a mysterious woman calling herself Verdigris Symphony, who seems to know more than she lets on.

Want of a Nail

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