A nondescript social engineer


Who-Tells-the-Gods-What-to-Do goes to great lengths to be as nondescript as possible in whatever society he finds himself in. His appearance, his clothes, even his posture are all calculated to be as close to the median of “unnoticed” as possible. This makes the average person’s eyes simply slide off him in a crowd, but makes him moderately unnerving in one-on-one conversation—which is why he tends to avoid it.


Who-Tells-the-Gods-What-to-Do was once a villager in a small town that was overrun by invaders. Who they were or what they wanted has been lost to time—the boy who hid from them by crawling into a well certainly didn’t know what they wanted. On his way down, the stones slipped out of his hands, sending him tumbling to the bottom with a pair of broken legs. The boy lived in darkness, cold, damp, and pain for weeks afterwards, surviving on bugs and moss while the invaders looted and burned his home.

The creature that crawled out of the well with the next crescent moon would eventually call himself Who-Tells-the-Gods-What-to-Do, and he is seeking the perfect civilization—even if he has to make it himself.


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