Tag: God


  • Namazu-e

    Namazu-e is used to being disrespected. As the god of a tributary river that empties into the Dreaming Sea, his home is littered with the detritus of a dozen villages and towns. Since his territory lies within the Empire of Prasad, he is deprived of his …

  • Kishan

    Kishan is the city god of Yizheng, worshiped by a small cult of priests who venerate him as the master of pearls and the guardian of Coral Bay. Kishan is somewhat vain and easily flattered, and it's clear that he regards his position as mostly ceremonial.

  • Tenepeshu Uktene

    The great water dragon Tenepeshu serves as the queen of the Court of Secrets: those gods who deal in secrets, mysteries, and enigmas. Long ago she blanketed the city of Champoor under the Veil of Night to conceal the activity of the court from the eyes of …

  • Dark Joy

    Dark Joy was a minor god of animal slaughter who grew tired with the meager blood sacrifices spilled in his name. Eventually, he began to whisper of the joys of human slaughter to the workers in his slaughterhouse shrine, leading them to become serial …