Dreaming Sea

Far to the southeast of Creation lies a region separated from most of the known world for centuries. Beyond the iron grip of the Realm, beyond the internecine squabbling of the Scavenger Lands, beyond even the savage fury of Rathess and the Nameless Lair of Ma-Ha-Suchi, lies the Dreaming Sea.

This vast freshwater sea spills forth from the jungles south of Rathess all the way to the edge of Creation itself, bleeding into the Wyld. The mixing of water and Wyld produces monstrous creatures, currents of pure chaos, and a veritable tide of the Fair Folk, all seeping into Creation. Because of its strong ties to the Wyld, this enormous body of water is known to those that dwell near or upon it as the Dreaming Sea.

It is said that the Dreaming Sea was a place of isolation even as far back as the Solar Deliberative—part preserve, part experimental zone. With so much raw chaos-stuff and wild magic available, it was a place for Exalted sorcerers to conduct their most dangerous experiments in privacy, but it was also regarded as a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Blessed Isle and the East, both major habitation centers during the early years of Creation, without the vast distances involved in journeying West.

Thousands of islands speckle the sea like carelessly scattered jewels. These range from rocky atolls small enough for a man to stride its length in an hour to huge near-continents home to a dozen cultures. The legacy of the First Age can still be seen in places, not just in the ruins left from the Usurpation or the Contagion, but in cultures and creatures preserved from those bygone eras, and in ancient magics repurposed for modern folk.

The cultures of the Dreaming Sea are an eclectic mix of unimaginably ancient and shockingly new, spread unevenly across the waves. The region offers both civilization and savagery, but without the stranglehold of the Realm around its throat, the Dreaming Sea has grown in strange and heterodox ways compared to the more familiar lands of Creation.

Listed below are a few of the many distinct cultures and nations of the Dreaming Sea.

Cultures of the Dreaming Sea

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Dreaming Sea

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