Monarda Law

The Monarda Law

“Never Say No”

The Monarda Law is, simply put, never saying no without extremely good cause. Saying no to your players doesn’t motivate them to come up with imaginative and creative ways to roleplay. Instead of putting the established campaign plot ahead of your players fun, adhere to this rule instead and you will not only save your soul from peril, but you also provide an enjoyable time to your players.

Putting It to Use

Its application is simple. When a players asks you: “Can I do X?” where “I” means their character and “X” is some course of action, use one of the four answers bellow.

  • “Yes”, if their course of actions seems interesting and harmless;
  • “How?”, if you can’t figure out a plausible way to pull it off;
  • “You can try!”, if it’s seems believable yet statistically impossible;
  • “Yes, but…” or “Yes, and…”, if you can think of a good catch.

Each of these answers can add enjoyment and possibilities to a game. Saying “No” rarely does. “No” should only be used when a player’s request would detract from the fun of the rest of the group in a significant fashion, and only after pursuing the previous four responses.

In short, “No” is the court of last resort.

Fun Fact

In the language of flowers, the monarda means “Your whims are unbearable.”

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Monarda Law

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