Before the modern world, before the lies of science, there was a world of savage adventure.

The Realm of the Dragon-Blooded stands astride the ruins of the First Age, an invincible colossus.

For centuries, the Scarlet Empress kept her fist clenched around the windpipe of the world.

Now, the Scarlet Empress is no more, and the Realm spirals closer to chaos and civil war with each passing day.

Into this time of strife come
…the Solar Exalted, heroes of legend reborn into a time of woe.
…the Lunar Exalted, shapechanging masters of the wilderness.
…the Sidereal Exalted, fate-shifting martial artists and conspirators.
…the Abyssal Exalted, dark messiahs of the Underworld.
…the Infernal Exalted, demonic heroes of Hell.
…the Alchemical Exalted, champions of industry.
…the Liminal Exalted, bizarre piecemeal warriors of darkness.
…the Exigents, champions of the small gods

Will these living legends herald the return of the Golden Age, or the end of Creation?

The Second Age is ending in fire and blood.

What legends will the Third Age tell of your deeds?