Real Man Xiao

The ancient sage of Red Crow Mountain


Real Man Xiao is an ancient, wizened sage in ostentatious white robes with a cloth hat wrapped around his balding head and a wispy black beard that perpetually waves in a sourceless breeze. His heavy robes conceal a shockingly fit body, like that of an athletic man in his mid-20s.


Xiao is a two-century-old failure. While his early years were marked by genuine magical talent and diplomatic cunning, he never embraced the humility and sincerity that are the hallmarks of his magical tradition. He began following forbidden disciplines to augment his natural talent, finally stumbling into true sorcery more or less by accident. He has been using a ritual known as the Buried Blade Rite to extend his lifespan, as well as using his “disciples” as fodder for his more outrageous magical experiments.

Xiao finally met his end in battle with a circle of Exalted, the final blow being landed by Want of a Nail.

Real Man Xiao

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