Seven Seasons Widow

An Abyssal assassin in service to the Deathlords


Seven Seasons Widow is a pale, beautiful woman with dark eyes and long dark-brown hair. She typically dresses in a red gown that leaves her shoulders, forearms, and one leg bare. Her full lips are expressive—especially when she’s expressing disdain. In battle, she wears an iron headpiece that has a screaming demon’s face for a mask and a pair of curling ram’s horns.


Seven Seasons Widow was originally an assassin in the service of the Mask of Winters, but the destruction of that Deathlord left her a renegade Abyssal, wandering without purpose or meaning. She was given new direction when she chose to enter the service of the Thrice-Drowned Emperor in Chains. Now she kills whom the Emperor commands and seeks other renegades to recruit to his cause.

Seven Seasons Widow

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